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Fight Food Fraud, Allergen Risks, Contamination & Other Supply Chain Vulnerabilities With Insights Into The Latest Industry Trends, Challenges & Legislative Updates: - Stamp Out Food Fraud: Boost product integrity and reduce the risks and costs of adulteration with insight-led testing methods, featuring an authenticity testing spotlight - Identify & Eliminate Supply Chain Vulnerabilities: Best-practice risk assessments which boost end-to-end supply chain transparency and traceability - Advanced Methods To Reduce & Manage Allergen Risks: Avoid cross-contamination with robust detection methods and stay on top of legislative updates - Horizon Scanning Industry Tech & Trends – The Next Big Threats: Reviewing and adapting to upcoming changes, technologies and risks - Reliable & Accurate Contaminant Detection & Prevention: Eliminate physical, micro and chemical contaminants whilst remaining compliant with ever-changing legislation - Preparing For Legislative Changes & The Impact Of Brexit: The latest legislative and industry updates for insight-led plans and winning day-to-day strategies in the build-up to Brexit

Official Website

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