When food safety is on your radar!

When food is contaminated with foreign bodies, everyone loses, including the consumer, the retailer and the producer. The very real threat this poses to your customers, and to your business, makes this no laughing matter. Food Radar Systems in Sweden is taking the fight against food contamination to a whole new level. It is doing so by detecting foreign bodies that are invisible to traditional detection methods as product is moved in pipes towards the specific filling location. Although detection technologies have come a long way during the last few years, low-density foreign bodies such as plastic, wood, and fruit stones are still invisible to the established technologies we find in industry today. The birth of Food Radar Systems came from a desire to change this. The Food Radar is an additional weapon in the arsenal of safety technologies. It is a sensor system designed for emulsions and pumpable products such as baby food, processed tomato, fruit preparations, spreads and sauces to name a few. The system has the capability of detecting not only the denser foreign bodies (i.e. metal, stone, and glass) but is particularly suited to foreign bodies such as wood, plastic, bone, extraneous vegetable matter, and even insects that, up to now, have gone undetected at the risk of reaching the customer. Today the Food Radar has been implemented by many international food manufacturers around the globe in their fight against foreign bodies. The third generation system builds on the earlier successful systems and is now available for delivery.



A piece of hard sharp plastic, that can be detected and removed by the Food Radar, can be as dangerous to consumers as a piece of glass. The protection your business will enjoy extends also to soft plastic (e.g. plastic bags), wood, pits and other non-dense foreign bodies.


Even lumps of the food product itself (such as lumps of starch, spices, pasta or rice) can be detected and removed. This technology can help safeguard the quality of product and serves an additional control in a manufacturing process.


All food manufacturers are covered by the Food Safety Act (1990). The Act states that if food is contaminated by foreign bodies, or in some other way falls short of the standard demanded by the purchaser, the seller will have committed an offence. The Act also permits a defence against prosecution based on taking ‘all reasonable precautions’ to prevent such occurrences. The Food Radar is in combination with good processes and procedures one tool available to stay at the cutting-edge of quality assurance. When doing everything in your power to prevent foreign bodies from reaching the consumer this system may be well suited to help companies archive their safety objectives.


Any incidence of foreign body contamination is damaging to both the manufacturer and retailer. It can damage trust in the brand, and the cost in time and money of legal proceedings can be vast.


An important question with a simple answer: yes, this is a safe technology, causing absolutely no damage to humans or the food being analysed. The transmitted power level from the detection system is in the order of 0.001W (one one-thousandth of a watt), and this is up to 1000 times lower than the wattage emitted by a mobile phone. Compared to a microwave oven, the emissions of the system are between five hundred thousand to one million times lower.


One of the great benefits is that the system really doesn’t need any floor space – no footprint. It can be installed horizontally or vertically somewhere along the normal pipe, High or low at a suitable location somewhere before filling.


A test at the Food Radar Systems’ pilot plant in Gothenburg allows manufacturers to experience first hand how the system can work for them. The pilot is frequently visited by customers prior to making investment decisions. It is an opportunity to see the detection results when testing their very own product.


The Food Radar brings new opportunities to the quality assurance team in protecting the consumer and company brand. What was previously considered an unbridgeable gap in foreign body detection has been addressed by Food Radar System’s new microwave technology suitable for a wide range of pumpable products.

Originally published on www.newfoodmagazine.com.